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Ecstasy is a synthetic, psychoactive medicine chemically similar to the methamphetamine stimulant and mescalin hallucinogen. It is an illicit drug that acts both as a psychedelic and stimulator, creating energy-effects, hallucinations and enhancing enjoyment from tactile sensation of time and perception. Their primary effect is on neurons in the brain which communicate with other neurons using chemical serotonin. In the regulation of the mood, aggression, sexual behavior, sleep and pain, the serotonin system is an important factor.

Medical Benefits

The use of ECSTASY in patients suffering from PPSD was discussed in a small 2018 report released by The Lancet Psychiatry. Investigators gave 22 veterans, three firefighters and one police officer with PTSD three separate doses of ECSTASY. 23% used ecstasy before among the participants. The use of ECSTASY was also correlated with psychotherapy. One month after the second session a larger proportion of high-dose groups in contrast with the low-dose category do not meet PTSD assessment requirements any more.

16 out of 26 participants (62%) were not affected by PTSD after one year, but two had been diagnosed with new PTSD. Additional psychiatric treatment was also taken by 12 patients. Not all experts were convinced, however. With this small community, long-term protection could not be assured, and a population already at risk for certain severe outcomes risks of addiction and suicide. Researchers note that larger studies in phase 3 should be done, but PSTD researchers could NOT reproduce such data with the use of ECSTASY alone.

How Can People Use Ecstasy

Individuals who use ECSTASY usually take it as a pill or tablet, but they also drink the liquid or snort
The famous term Molly (“molecular” slang) also applied to the so-called “clean” crystalline powder type of ECSTASY, which is usually sold in capsules.
However, people that buy powder or capsules sold as molly often get other medicines like synthetic cathinones instead.
Some individuals use ECSTASY with other drugs, including alcohol or marijuana.

Molly (Pure MDMA) is an empathogenic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes. MDMA has come to be widely known as “ecstasy,” generally referring to its street form, although this term can also include the presence of possible adulterants. Buy 225mg XTC MDMA.

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